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  • Opening of Companies;
  • Contractual Amendment;
  • Closing of Companies;
  • Regularization of Companies;
  • Legal Income Tax Declaration;
  • Physical Income Tax Declaration;
  • INSS, FGTS, Federal, ICMS and ISS certificates;
  • Bankruptcy or protest certificate.


  • Guidance and application control of the current devices;
  • Preparation of the annual income statement and related documents;
  • Compliance with other requirements foreseen in normative acts, as well as any inspection procedures.

Accounting department

  • Classification and bookkeeping of accounting according to current accounting standards and principles;
  • Balance sheet calculation;
  • Preparation of the Annual Balance Sheet and Income Statement.

Tax Department

  • Guidance and application control of the legal provisions in force, whether federal, state or municipal;
  • Bookkeeping of the IPI, ICMS, ISS tax records and preparation of the information and tax payment guides;
  • Bookkeeping of Entries, Exits and Services books;
  • Compliance with other requirements foreseen in normative acts, as well as tax inspection procedures;

Human Resources Department

  • Guidance and control of the application of the CLT precepts, as well as those pertaining to Social Security, PIS, FGTS and others applicable to the employment relationships maintained by our clients;
  • Maintenance of Employee Records and related services;
  • Preparation of the payroll of employees as well as partners (Pro-labore), as well as guides for the payment of social charges and related taxes;
  • Compliance with the other requirements provided for in the legislation, as well as with the inspection, admission and dismissal procedures.


For the removal and delivery of documents, our company uses honest and competent couriers, providing speed and security through document shipping and delivery protocols.

Departamento Jurídico

  • Contencioso trabalhista e comercial.
  • Assessoria tributária nas áreas federal, estadual e municipal.

ICMS Credit Accumulation

  • Audit to verify the movement that generates ICMS credit;
  • Survey of accumulative credit balance;
  • Verification of costs and the Value Added Index (VAT);
  • Preparation of DCA / DGCA Drafts;
    Credit Accumulation Request Formulation;
  • Monitoring the process and any pending issues that may arise.
  • We put ourselves at your disposal. for the provision of services, aiming at the appropriation of accumulated ICMS credit, as provided for in article 71 of the current São Paulo ICMS Regulation.
  • Our work consists of collecting ICMS credits, preparing and presenting all statements intended to prove the request, as provided for in Ordinance CAT 53/96, and training of all the necessary procedure to obtain authorization to appropriate the value accumulative credit calculated.
  • We monitor the progress of the process with the São Paulo State Finance Secretariat and seek to resolve any issues that may have been found, aiming at speeding up the São Paulo procedure, aiming to resolve any doubts that may be raised by the tax authorities.

Credit recovery

Compensation and reimbursement of federal, state and social security taxes;


Federal, social security, state and municipal infraction notice defenses

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